Winter, an exclusive limited edition craft beer

Winter beers are characterized by being ideal beers for the colder seasons. Beers that evoke Christmas sweets, panettone, Christmas cookies ... and Althaia has its special Winter, the WINTER ALE.

A dark beer with hints of cinnamon and orange peel. The base of this beer is malt, an ingredient that balances a fermentation loaded with spicy aromas and other special ingredients.

Winter Ale could be called a very creative beer, since this type of beer allows you to play with the combination of different aromas to create an exclusive personality.

Winter beers tend to have quite a body. The carbonation is between low and moderately high and although without excess, it has a slightly higher volume of alcohol than the rest (8º).


They admit a wide range of possible combinations of special ingredients and Althaia Artesana Winter Ale presents sweet spicy aromas and candied fruit that combine perfectly with a creamy mouth and a taste of coffee beans, mocha and praline. That scent of cinnamon and orange peel reminiscent of those winter days by the fireplace, just looking at the fire or enjoying good company. We would enter a moment that the Danes describe as a moment hygge, a unique, memorable moment, one of those that comfort and transmit warmth.

The perfect pairing for this beer are the appetizers composed of smoked and Iberian or even, and it is something that enhances its flavor, take it as an after-dinner with sweets and pralines.

History has marked a tradition that beers of a higher alcoholic level and with a lot of body are drunk in winter, Christmas is a good time for this, when lifelong friends get together to enjoy the season. Thus, our silver award in the Barcelona Beer Challenge, Althaia Artesana Winter Ale is a limited edition beer that in order to enjoy it we will have to wait for the cold to return.

We warn you so that you don't stop trying it!